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Tempest_RevealedWondering when Tempest Revealed will finally make its debut is rapidly becoming more popular than wondering about what happened to Amelia Earhart. Dr. Data’s original post concerning the whereabouts of the third installment int the Tempest series by Tracy Deebs has garnered almost 700 hits since it was first published back on June 13th, 2013.  For a pisant blog like The Parsons Rant, that’s pretty darn good.

There has been a possible sighting but – like Elvis – it may be another false alarm. Late last week, Dr. Data found a message in his in-box from Goodreads.com that listed forthcoming releases by authors he has read before. Actually, there was only one book which qualified and that was Tempest Revealed.  The publication date was/is supposed to be July 9th, 2013.

Now before the legions of Tempest fans get too excited, here is what Dr. Data has learned:

  • There is no pre-purchase page for the Kindle edition on Amazon.
  • There is no pre-purchase page for the paper/hard-back edition on Amazon.
  • Dr. Data can’t even find the Amazon page announcing a 2014 release that he mentioned in the original M.I.A. post.
  • Barnes and Noble does have a pre-purchase page for the Nook version.
  • The release date is July 9th, 2013.
  • Barnes and Noble has nothing concerning a paper/hard-back version of the book.
  • The Nook price is $10.36 !!! The Nook Price for the other two books in the series is $6.79!
  • There is no update from Ms. Deebs on her website though there is an excerpt from the book.

Only time will tell if Tempest Revealed is truly being released or it’s just another chapter of the mystery. While Barnes & Noble is a fine company and its Nook line is well established, Dr. Data does most of his e-book trade with Amazon and he is loath to add one more app and create one more account with someone just to read this book.

With luck, Tempest Revealed will hit the electronic shelves within the next few days and Dr. Data can turn his attention to finding out just what has happened to Paige Bleu’s LivEternal.

Please see Tempest Revealed is no longer M.I.A. for the latest update.

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