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Have You Received Your Invitation to The Launch Yet?

The time has long passed for the invitations to the launch of the vapourware iPad mini and there has been nary a peep from Cupertino or the industry press or anyone else for that matter. On the other hand, no one has said “Sorry boys; false alarm” either. The latest date from those supposedly in the know is now supposed to be Oct. 23.

Since Microsoft is launching Windows 8  AND  its new line of Surface tablets on October 25  – both of which will go on sale the following day – the revised date for the iPad mini – from those supposedly in the know – is now October 23. From a strategic standpoint, this date – indeed, if there is any date at all – makes a certain amount of sense. By announcing the iPad mini a couple of days before Redmond hosts its big to-do, Apple would steal a considerable amount of Microsoft’s thunder. one-upmanship between the two giants is, after all, nothing new.

Dr. Data became suspicious that something was wrong when a report in the industry press stated that the iPad mini was already being manufactured in Brazil and two days later read a report that the devices were being produced in Asia. There may really be an iPad mini or this may just be a case of a company starting or promoting rumours just to see how high the industry press – and the public – will jump. Of course, word of the October 10th mail-out was reported by Fortune Magazine – which subsequently issued a retraction – but who fed them the information in the first place? Only time will tell.

Read the full story in PC Magazine.

This is a brief dispatch from the trenches. Since my TechnoRant© on Ransomware back on October 9th, a few instances have been observed of a variant that I’ve nick-named “bluffware”. Bluffware will display the ransom note saying that your hard drive has been encrypted and if you want the decryption key, you’ll need to put your credit card information in a brown paper bag and e-mail it to wherever.

The funny thing is that your hard drive is NOT encrypted and if you’re foolish enough to send the money, you’ll definitely get nothing in return. This is apparently the work of bad guys who don’t have the necessary smarts or malware code to encrypt your hard drive but nonetheless want to cash in on the latest trend.

While bluffware is more a hoax than anything else, the reality is that the malware responsible for the hoax has somehow made its way on to your system and that is no laughing matter. Your system has been infected and you need to get rid of this bit of nastiness as soon as possible. There is no way of you knowing if the bluffware is dropping some other malicious code on your system in the meantime.

It’s up to you to do everything you can in advance to prevent this for making its way on to your system in the first place and being prepared to deal with the situation if it does. I won’t repeat the recommended steps here. If you want to know what to do, take a look at the original post concerning ransomware.

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