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This has to be seen to be believed. There  were two wedding parties at the same hotel. One had an open bar and one had a cash bar. Apparently, people from the “cash bar” party tried to cash in on the other party’s open bar and that’s when the fight broke out.

First, the news story:


Now, the raw iPhone footage:



Muted Grant tartan

Women often complain that men “just aren’t in to fabric”. If you guys have ever spent an hour in a fabric store “just looking” then you’ll know what I mean. (On the other hand, my wife has spent countless hours in tobacconists hither, thither and yon whilst I “foamed” over pipes so I guess that there is some justice in the world.) However, all that suddenly changes for men of Scots descent if the fabric just happens to be tartan. The lads can put the lasses to shame on that bit.

If you’ve got the slightest interest in the plaid stuff, here are three bits of information about The Scottish Register of Tartans which was established by act of the Scottish Parliament in 2008 to register new tartans and to preserve information about existing tartans:

  1. They have a website at http://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/
  2. They have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ScottishRegisterOfTartans
  3. They may be followed on  Twitter via @TartanRegister

Here’s what we have for today:

  • Apple’s iOS maps get better – Apple has been quietly improving  the data returned by the iOS 6 Maps application. Good news for those using the latest version of the OS, but shouldn’t this have been done BEFORE  both iPhone 5 & iOS 6 launched? Dr. Data depends on maps from his iPhone and wonky data is the last thing he needs. Was it because Apple wanted to get its latest phone out there in time for holiday shopping or did someone drop the ball in QC? Read the full story from Tech Republic.
  • Apple in a post-Jobs world – It’s been a year since Steve Jobs ascended in to passed away and there have been ups and downs for the company. There are two articles that are worth reading if you follow the goings-on in Cupertino. The first is from ZDNet and the second is from PC Magazine.
  • Win 8 Kill Switch: Threat or Menace? – If you’re contemplating moving up to Windows 8 anytime soon, this may give you reason to think again. Windows 8 includes a “kill switch” which allows the remote editing of applications and the deletion of  software and possibly data. Is this Nirvana for hackers? Read what John C. Dvorak in PC Magazine has to say.
  • Windows 8 is available before its time – HSN.com – the online arm of the Home Shopping Network began offering PC’s with Windows 8 installed and ready to go. Before you decide to jump the gun, you should note that the machines are loaded with Crap-ware. These are applications that come pre-installed on a new machine and usually include a lot of things that you may not want as well as “trial versions” of software. Read the full story on ZDNet.
  • Samsung’s Apple “attack ad” – If the political season wasn’t bad enough, Samsung is airing an attack ad that touts the technological superiority of its latest   smartphone over the iPhone 5. Geek.com does a bit of fact-checking for you.

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