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Ever since his days at college, Dr. Data has been a fan of football – or soccer as it’s known here on the west side of the pond. No he’s not one of those rabid footie fans who threatens suicide if his team is relegated out of the English Premier League, but he does keep track of where things stand. (OK, he was a bit distraught when his beloved Portsmouth were sent down but it was their own damn fault!)

Manchester, England – Across the Atlantic sea – boasts not one but two teams in the Premier League: The legendary Manchester United and the somewhat less legendary Manchester City or “ManCity”. The latter is known for not having won a championship in 44 – count ’em! – years. There have been a number of close calls but the trophy has eluded them since they last won it in 1968.

That all changed on Sunday. May 13th. ManCity & Manchester United were running neck and neck for the championship. Manchester United was the expected victor and things were all set for a victory celebration following their match against Sunderland but things were also set up – just in case – for Manchester City’s home pitch match against the Queens Park Rangers who were struggling to stay in the Premier League; a death match if there ever was one.

For a while there  – meaning most of the 2nd half – it looked like victory was going to, once again, give ManCity a miss. They had been leading 1 – 0 when QPR scored an equalising goal followed by another one to take the lead. The fact that QPR were a man down because of a red card didn’t seem to help at all as the ball repeatedly failed to find the back of the QPR net. Manchester City had controlled the ball at least 80 % of the match but just couldn’t seem to capitalise on it. Then came stoppage time – 5+ minutes of it – where American supporters of the winning side usually start chanting “”Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey, Good-bye”. ManCity  scored an equalising goal just past the 91st minute and went ahead to stay at 93 min. and 20 sec. The rest is now British footballing history in a memorable game that had everyone – including Dr. Data – on the edge of their seats.

Back in 1968, when ManCity last won the championship, England’s claim of the World Cup title was just two years old. The next World Cup is scheduled for 2014 in Brazil; just two years from now. Is it time for England to reclaim their glory as well?

Week before last, I posted about three free-ware tools for Windows users. Today, I review Everything, a free file search utility by VoidTools.

Even though  the Search feature in Windows 7 is a vast improvement over that offered by Windows XP, It can still take a heck of a long time to find the file or folder that you’re looking for. Enter Everything, a file/folder search utility that pre-indexes every file and folder on your system. The up-front indexing is considerably faster than the Win 7 search and Everything monitors your file system for changes. If you add “Document-x.doc” to a folder or move “Document-y.doc” from folder A to folder B, Everything will track the changes and the file name and path will be waiting for you the next time you need to look for it.

It’s dead simple to use Everything. Simply start it – if it’s the first time on this particular machine, you’ll have to wait a minute or so for your file system to be indexed – and type in the file/folder name. If you’re not quite sure of just what that file or folder name was, the search accepts wild cards (“*”). Everything begins to filter the indexed files the moment you begin typing and continues until you’ve either entered the complete name or have entered enough of the name to narrow down the list of possible files or folders.

What Everything does not do is search the contents of files. Fear not, there is a utility by Nirsoft that allows you to do just that. It too, is free and is knows as SearchMyFiles. While it will also search for file and folder names as well as the contents of files, its interface is a good bit more complex so it’s worthwhile to read the instructions on the download page. Dr. Data recommends that you use Everything for basic file and folder name searches and save SearchMyFiles for those times when you want to find a file based on its contents.

Either way, you’ve got two great search tools for Windows and they’re both FREE!

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