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Yeah, I do a bit of photography so I decided that as my last post for March, 2012, I would make the grand announcement that I will – sooner or later – add a gallery to display my photography of dubious merit. My favourite subjects?

  • Landscapes
  • Seascapes
  • Nubile females in bikinis
  • Nature
  • Cats
  • Trains
  • Did I say nubile females in bikinis yet?

The final segment on the CBS “This Morning” so featured a story by Mo Rocca on the nascent tradition of engagement rings for men. Although Mo is openly gay, this has nothing to do w/ gay marriage, etc. The story spotlighted real, heterosexual, couples where either the girl has asked the guy to marry her or, having been the recipient of a more traditional proposal, the girl asks the guy if he would wear an engagement ring as well.

As always, the trend is much bigger outwith this backwards country. Don’t think for a second that this involves the guy wearing a one or two carat rock on his finger. The rings are plainer – read more “manly” – than the ones for the ladies and may  have a small diamond or other precious stone embedded in them. Since single guys will often wear a  ring of some sort on their left ring-finger, they may be hard to distinguish from the run of the mill man’s ring.

What is important here is the concept. Whether he is the proposer or the proposee, the guy is – or should be – of some small value to his future mate and her asking him to wear this small token declaring that he’s off the market is rather touching. The traditional engagement ring has become a large financial investment for the guy; one that is expected if  not required by the girl. Since women, more often than not, are earning their own way through life, doesn’t her husband-to-be deserve a little something?

The “Man-gagement” ring. Hate the name. Love the concept.

You will probably have noticed that I’ve been ranting about writing prose as much as writing code. (Or anything else, for that matter!) It’s a (not so) well-kept secret that I’m in the early stages of writing a fantasy novel. I doubt that it will ever be published – by anyone reputable, anyway – and even if it is, I’m not expecting to make any money or launch a new career.

It’s just that I’ve got this story inside me and I’m having great fun editing and polishing it in my head. You’ll learn more as the weeks and months go by.

Programming, coding, software development – call it what you will – is not unlike writing a fantasy novel.

  1. You come up with a premise
  2. Define requirements, restrictions and other general parameters
  3. Turn the above into code or prose
  4. Beat on what you have written until it works


For those of you still using Windows XP, bad news: Microsoft will cease it’s support of this long-lived operating system in 2014. My advice: Move to Windows 7 post haste because Windows 8 is on the horizon and promises a sea-change in how you interact with your PC.

You can see the connection between Windows 95, WIndows XP, and Windows 7 even if some of the new whiz-bangs and gim-cracks are a bit confusing to those whom XP has been the only thing to use for the past decade or more. Windows 8 changes the game – completely.

My purpose today is not to fawn over the Brave New World promised by Windows 8 but rather to comment on the remarks of technology pundits who claim that its Raison d’être is to – wait for it – Save The PC. Continue reading

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